Thailand national futsal team report

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24th February  2022 : 22, the “Elephant Table” reports to be missing two core players, Supawut Savage, center, and Muhammad Usman Musa, to prepare for three major events, including the ASEAN Championship and the Games.

22 “Elephant Small Table” The national futsal team, under Spanish head coach Carlos Cesar, has been charged with the 2016 national futsal team. He reported to Ramkhamhaeng University’s Gymnasium 2, but was also absent, Supawut Savage, Klang, and Muhammad Usmanmusa, who would later join the team, with “Big Pom” Adisak Benjasiriwan, Vice President, Futsal Development and Beach Football, along with Mr. Sutin Buatum The manager of the Tyne national futsal team, who arrived for the reception.

“In the first tournament of this national futsal team, there was quite a lot of adjustments to the NSDF Futsal Invitation 2022”, which was a warm-up before the 2022 Futsal Championship. In Thailand, we will host indoor stadium Huamark from April 2-10, as well as the Games in Vietnam.

On Sutin Buatum The national futsal manager said that we have prepared the national team for three major events in the first half of the year. This will be the fifth time we have to defend our title. This competition is not to be thought of as easy, because we are a new thoroughbred team.

The NSDF Futsal Invitation 2022 is attended by six nations including Iran, Oman, Maldives, Myanmar, Mongolia and Thailand from March 15-21, 2022 at the D.C. ShowGrounds. Rama 9

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