Privacy & Cookies Policy

MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT) respects to the rights of data privacy and personal data websites subscribers and applications. Therefore, MCOT has announces “Privacy & Cookies Policy” for all websites and applications of MCOT.


Cookie is a small piece data composed of text and number generated by a website and stored in web browser or hard disk or portable communication devices. Its purpose is to memorized information about visits and settings enabling website users or application subscribers to continuously use the services. And to gather all page visit history of users.

Purpose of Restoring Cookies

  1. To identify specific use identity
  2. To maintain safety for users and completeness of websites or applications
  3. To advertise products or services that user interests.
  4. To collect data usage quantity about website/application visits and use this information for efficiency improvement to meet the needs of users.

Type of Cookies Restored

  1. Necessary cookies such as cookies necessary for websites or applications and those enabling users to safely have access to data or services. It is unnecessary for MCOT to request consent from users to restore such cookies since they cannot identify owners of data.
  • Analytical or Performance Cookies such as cookies used for counting number of users and remembering application using or website visiting behavior. This is to help MCOT better meet the needs of users. In restoring such cookies, MCOT can proceed without having to identify data owners.
  • Functionality Cookies such as cookies that remember users and are installed by MCOT or third party, to facilitate users including remembering usernames and passwords or other settings. If users do not allow MCOT to restore such cookies, website evaluation system may not function properly.
  • Advertising Cookies such as cookies that are installed by MCOT or business partners to restore visiting data. Such data will benefit advertising of products or services, that is to help fulfill interest of users. MCOT may disclose such data to third party. If users do not allow MCOT to restore such cookies, MCOT may not be able to fulfill interest of users.
  • Third Party’s Cookies including cookies on websites or applications of MCOT, restored by the third party or website or application operators. This is to analyze data or evaluate or improve content to align with demands of the target group. Given benefits of users, it is advisable to understand Cookies Policy and Personal Data Protection Policy set by the third party.

Cookies Setting

As a service user, you can activate cookies settings or deny restoring cookies in “Privacy Setting” on web browsers, for such as; Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can also visit for more information. MCOT reserves the rights to manage efficiency of websites in case of users’ denial of restoring cookies. Users may not receive data as expected or may not acknowledge information about services, products or privileges.

Cookies Revision Policy

MCOT will revise and improve Cookies Policy to be in line with legal provisions and technological changes in an appropriate period of time to preserve privacy and personal data of users.


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MCOT’s Privacy & Cookies Policy is established in compliance with related laws and regulations. MCOT’s employees will refer to this policy as guidelines for operations.

Effective after the announcement date. Announced on December 7, 2020.

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