A box stuffed with ash wrappers.

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Bangkok Thailand- April 10, 2022 : “When they die, there are no relatives to deliver, and the more relatives forget the ashes, the more they are forgotten.” funeral director temple Thon buri pleads relatives to pick up the ashes of a corpse infected with COVID-19. After remaining unkind, 60 bodies were exchanged.

Mr. Surasek neuangnoi or Uncle Toi mortician Funeral manager who died from COVID-19 at Wat Sutthawat  temple has helped organize the burns since the earliest outbreaks so far, with 60 bodies in attendance. Relatives and ignorant, with no sign of picking up ashes or ashes who died in religious ceremonies, were placed in a distressing box.More than 60 bodies have been recovered for the ashes that relatives have not yet picked up, both Thai and Myanmar nationals, all wrapped in fine white cloth and placed in two boxes each.

As for why the relatives didn’t pick up the ashes, He thought that it was due to a variety of factors, such as many relatives being unemployed and without money, or some who may still be afraid that if they were picked up, they might become infected. Confirm that this heat burned. Germs cannot exist. Otherwise, he would have been infected with COVID a long time ago.

He kept saying how sad these ashes were. Because there were no relatives to deliver his ashes when he died, and the ashes are now forgotten by family. Following this, the temple can only wait for relatives to pick them up, but if no one arrives, they will be able to pick them up. If the temple completes the new pavilion and crematorium, the ashes of relatives who do not come to merit the charity will float.

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