Anutin releases caravans to vaccinate the elderly for Covid-19

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Nonthaburi, Thailand – June 8, 2021 : Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister Launching the “Older people to fight the dangers of COVID-19” activity, releasing a mobile parade for vaccination services for the elderly caregivers and staff in the care facility including the elderly in the community at risk in cooperation with the Department of Health Service Support with the Confederation of Health and Elderly Workplaces and Banphaeo General Hospital by organizing a mobile team to provide vaccination services There is no need to move the patient and it doesn’t take long to combine.
Observe the symptoms for 50 minutes, which will start vaccination from today until June 10 in the Bangkok area. It will then expand to provincial areas covering the whole country and other vulnerable groups. Nationwide, from the survey of the Federation of Establishment Associations For health and the elderly, it was found that there were bedridden patients. Can’t move anywhere 2.5 hundred thousand people.

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