Ban Sala Din Na Bua community is as wide as the eye can see.

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Na Bua Lung Chaem is a cut flower lotus field of Aunt Tiw or Khun Prapai Sawatto, a villager who has successfully applied the principles of sufficiency economy and new agricultural theory. make money for family It is also linked to the tourism of the community as well.
Paddle a boat among the scenery surrounded by thousands of lotus flowers. both the lotus with white petals and Bua Sattabongkot Close-up of pink and purple petals It makes us so easily enchanted that we have to take pictures to capture the impression.
Tell me who came to visit here You will participate in various activities. Both rowing in the middle of the lotus field Watch and collect lotus flowers in the middle of the pond. Learn how to flirt from Prapai Sawatto, who told us that People here will not call it folding because it doesn’t sound auspicious, so they use the word “jap flirt” with lotus flowers instead. They can also buy souvenirs from Na Bua Lung Chaem that can be attached to them, such as lotus soap, tea. The lotus pollen that is eaten is refreshing.

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