Buddhists join in the water-pouring.

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Bangkok Thailand –  April 12, 2022 : Pour water over a Buddha’s relics and Nine Planetary Guardian Angels to come at a lucky time during Songkran Festival.

The Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture has invited the people to sprinkle water over Buddha’s relics and the Nine Planetary Guardian Angels in 2022 at the Bangkok National Museum.

Nine Planetary Guardian Angels Its beginnings Surya (God of the Sun) is worshipped in Hindu astrology, along with eight other gods, including nine. Which is regarded as a deity who protects humans from birth to death. It is a goddess who governs over all the gods. Surya (Sun) riding Raatchasi, Chandra (Moon) riding horse Mangala (Tuesday) is riding Mahingsa, Budhvar (Wednesday) is riding Kotchasan, Brihaspativar (Thursday) is riding Dear, Shuavar (Friday) is riding Cow, Shani (Saturday) is riding Bhaga, Rahu is riding Garuda, and Ketu Dev is riding Naga.

The Department of Fine Arts has organized events in connection with the government’s policy for hygienic safety standards and procedures. There is a screening point at the entrance-exit area, as well as body temperature monitoring. Participants must provide the results of the covid-19 immunization. At least two doses or up to 24 hours of detection results Wear a mask or cotton mask at all times to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Buddhists and anybody else interested in the event are welcome to pour water on a Buddha’s relics and Nine Planetary Guardian Angels. Songkran Festival 2022 will be held on April 12-14, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 16 p.m. at Samran Mukkhamat Pavilion Bangkok National Museum.

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