Catch a king cobra with bare hands.

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Catch a king cobra with bare hands
Around 20.00, Mr. Wuttichai Phonpermsuk, head of the Snake Catching Operations Squad, Trang Province

Along with 10 rescue volunteers, they set out to search for the king cobra (Bong Lang snake in the southern language) after being informed by the villagers that An unknown snake, more than 4 meters long, was found slithering across the road at the Phra Phum Shrine in front of the house, Village No. 4, Chong Sub-district, Na Yong District, Trang Province. It took about 20 minutes to find it, and it was found that it was a king cobra. big size

in which a large king cobra raises its neck, spreads the hood after being lit by a spotlight on the body But Mr. Wuttichai Pornpermsuk, who has expertise catching snakes with bare hands come countless times It only took 2 minutes to catch this king cobra easily. When taken to measure length 4.2 meters, weight 10 kilograms, light yellow body.

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