Financial Aid Starts for Rice Growers

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Bangkok, Thailand – November 9, 2021 : The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives started to transfer financial aid to the rice growers who participated in the farmers’ income insurance program of the government for the 2021/2022 crop season today.

BAAC senior executive vice president Kasab Ngeanruang was among the officials who were present in a ceremony to hand financial assistance worth totally 13.22 billion baht to the rice growers who were affected by low produce prices, economic problems, COVID-19 outbreaks and flooding.
The farmers who received the aid on Nov 9 reported their first harvest before Oct 15. Besides, 533,743 farmers reported impacts during their second harvest on Oct 15-21 and were eligible to 11.29 billion baht of the aid.

The Department of Agricultural Extension sent the lists of affected rice growers to BAAC which used the data to prepare the financial aid. The bank will transfer the aid directly to farmers’ bank accounts in three days after receiving a median price. It advised farmers to check the money transfers via its A-Mobile app.

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