Fly a drone to see the wide area of Thale Noi “Red Lotus”

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Thale Noi is a freshwater lake located in Nang Tung Subdistrict and Thale Noi Subdistrict, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province. There is a 2 km long Nang Riam Canal connecting Thale Noi and Songkhla Lake. Thale Noi has been declared a non-hunting area for Thale Noi wildlife. But people often call it “Thale Noi Bird Park”, which is the first non-hunting area in Thailand. under the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and with the abundance of areas Thale Noi’s biodiversity has made the “Kuan Khia Sian Peat” area of ​​Thale Noi declared the world’s first wetland or “Ramsar Site” in Thailand on the 13th of February. . Sep 1998 Thale Noi is an area with great biodiversity. including ecosystems, wildlife, aquatic animals, plants, especially birds that are abundant

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