Get rid of the ghouls

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Maha Sarakham, Thailand – May 24, 2021 : Villagers of Borabue District. Join in a rite to get rid of the ghouls that have entered the village, causing the villagers to suffer many homes with symptoms of ghouls possessed.
By the rite The shaman had people hold the bamboo and ask if there were ghouls. If so, hit hard and raise the stick up high. If there were “No” bamboo ghouls, wouldn’t hit. Ask until he caught 11 ghouls put in the pot. Then a ghoul killing rite was performed by bringing all the pots to the rite. Then the gold leaf that has been written on the 8 pillars. The trees around the house prevent any more ghouls from entering the village and the last 9th tree. will come to pin it at the navel in the middle of this house.
The reason for the exorcism rite ghoul to exorcise ghosts is due to a bad incident that happened in the past. That is, the villagers say that their daughter has a ghost-like symptom, she doesn’t know anything about it, and it’s like this. Many houses have taken them to both doctors and monks to heal and not heal, so they have to arrange an exorcism rite. All of which are considered the beliefs of the villagers. Do it and feel comfortable. and no more bad things happened in the village.

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