Hunters arrested with wildlife carcasses in Khao Laem

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Kanchanaburi, Thailand – September 6, 2021 : Three hunters were arrested with a number of wildlife carcasses on Sunday in Khao Laem National Park in Thong Pha Phum district north west of Kanchanaburi province of this western border province. The three men were detained for a search, Found in the fertiliser bags were carcasses of two black giant squirrels, two black hornbills, two Asiatic brush-tailed porcupines, one langur, one monkey, one soft-shelled turtle and one clouded monitor lizard. Also found in their possession were a CZ452 rifle with 75 rounds of ammunition, a 22mm home-made rifle, three machetes, four head torches, one flashlight, four aluminium pots, three hammocks, four lighters, gas cooking equipment and a backpack.

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