‘Jurin’ asks Vietnam to accelerate the amendment of pig exports

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Bangkok, Thailand – June 7, 2021 : Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce disclosed after discussion with Mr. Phan Chi Thanh, Vietnam’s Ambassador to Thailand.That he raised the case that Vietnam detected African swine fever in pigs imported from Thailand. As a result, Vietnam prepares to issue an announcement to suspend imports of pigs from Thailand from June 30 to this.By clarifying to the Vietnamese side, Thailand attaches great importance to this matter. and has increased the strict inspection of pigs before export at every step. and asked Vietnam to consider canceling this measure If, before the announcement comes into force, Vietnam does not detect any disease in pigs exported from Thailand, it should be able to announce the cancellation. which Vietnam has promised to return to review this matter for Thailand once again. Expect to have good news soon.
Other than The Ministry of Commerce is ready to promote activities that the two sides may jointly organize to support the 45th anniversary of Thai-Vietnam relations. in August 2021 and welcomed Vietnam’s economic growth of 2.91 percent in 2020, as well as the expansion of trade between Thailand and Vietnam that in the first four months of 2021 expanded to 19.93% with a total value of more than 6,623.9 million US dollars.
It is a good sign that trade between Thailand and Vietnam continues to expand even though the two countries are still struggling with the spread of COVID-19.

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