K-pop Singer Lisa’s Remark Benefit Pork Ball Vendors

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Buriram, Thailand – September 19, 2021 : Fried pork ball vendors in the northeastern province enjoyed rising sales as Thai-born K-pop singer Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban said in an interview that she wanted to eat fried pork balls here again if she happened to return to Thailand.

After the Blackpink member Lisa released her first solo single ‘Lalisa’ which rapidly gathered surging views, she gave an interview in a Thai TV program. She said she had not returned to Thailand for nearly two years and she missed her parents. If she returns to Thailand, she will pay respect to the ashes of her maternal grandfather and eat fried pork balls at the Buri Ram railway station because she liked their spicy sauce very much.

Fried pork ball vendors at the train station said that their sales had dropped by over 50% during the COVID-19 pandemic because customers had disappeared. Then Lisa’s remark on their products started to raise their sales as local people and tourists were ordering fried pork balls through deliverymen.

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