Lots of taxis abandoned

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Bangkok, Thailand – June 23, 2021 : More than 1,000 vehicles were crammed into the parking lot due to the covid-19 pandemic’s crippling effect on the Thailand tourism industry. Baworn Taxi Cooperative and Rajpruek Taxi Cooperative, said: ‘The third wave of the pandemic has hit us hard. Due to the pandemic more than 1,000 taxis have been parked not doing anyting. ‘Even though we reduced the taxi rental cost to 400-500 baht from 900-1,000 baht per day. No one wants to drive for us. ‘The cooperatives now have no revenue flow, but at that same time have to pay rental cost of some 1,000 taxis and other costs, altogether around nine million baht per month. If the situation like this prolongs further, we cannot survive until the end of the year.

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