Man climbing a tree near Santi Maitree Building

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Bangkok, THAILAND – March 2, 2021 : There was chaos after a cabinet meeting. Found a man climbing a tree near Santi Maitree Building. He is asking the Prime Minister to protect witnesses in the Sunday market case, claiming that he has been intimidated.

The Reporters reported that after the completion of the Cabinet meeting. There was a middle-aged man wearing a green shirt, covering his face with cloth and glasses. He climbed up a tree behind the Santi Maitree Building, Government House. He is asking Prime Minister Prayut Chan-OCha to protect witnesses in the Sunday market case. The man said he was a witness to this case but had been chased and intimidated since 2005. Therefore he asked the Prime Minister to order the protection of witnesses according to the law, because in the past he had been slandered and was taken by the name to falsely withdraw money. While many witnesses are protected, he is not eligible for protection. However, for less than 20 minutes, the man had calmed down without any violent incidents.


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