People and homeless people who come to pick up lunch boxes in front of the Victory Monument

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Bangkok, Thailand – July 15, 2021 Thai people do not leave each other … when the country has natural disasters or crises in various matters. There will be the kindness of Thai people who come out to help and recharge each other. And this time too The “COVID-19 epidemic” has caused many people in many professions to lose their jobs. No income to support the family and sustaining their own lives. One person waiting to receive the donation told me that Previously, he worked as a daily wage worker at a restaurant to earn enough wages to feed his family. But when the store closes, there is no income. All the money and still can’t find a job Therefore, we have to sit and wait to receive donations to sustain life through each day. Ratchadamnoen Road area Throughout the day there will be people who donate. Items and food for people affected by COVID-19 and homeless groups In hopes of being a part that will help them have strength to fight the Covid crisis and get through this difficult time together.

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