People come to Loy Krathong on the riverside.

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Bangkok, Thailand – November 8, 2022: Loy Krathong atmosphere at Arun Rajwararam Temple Both Thai and foreign tourists come in large numbers because Wat Arun is considered an important landmark of Bangkok and Thailand. The Ministry of Culture organized a new loy Krathong event. Thai tradition towards sustainability emphasizes the value of the material to spread the beauty of the tradition to tourists.  This year, Loy Krathong is extremely grueling and safe, floating Krathong down the Chao Phraya River through the Rider at Wat Arun Pier, while maintaining land-water safety measures. Environmental protection In addition to joining Loy Krathong, inside the temple, there are also cultural performances and beautiful types of cockerel contests. Demonstrations of sweet and savory food, demonstrations, and sale of cultural products.

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