Prayut Chan-OCha welcomed the first round of vaccination against COVID-19

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Bangkok, THAILAND – March 3 , 2021 : Prime Minister Prayut Chan-OCha welcomed the first round of vaccination against COVID-19, which has a few effects. It has been confirmed that many more vaccines will gradually enter Thailand and have been assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to consult with the international community to consider the Vaccine Passport.

Prayut Chan-OCha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense said: “He welcomed the first round of vaccination against COVID-19. People vaccinated against COVID-19 do not have any severe effects, but they may have a few effects, such as arm pain, headache and fever. It is a good thing. The government insists that it wants to be as fair and thorough as possible. The government wants medical professionals and risk groups, such as the soldier, police overseeing checkpoints, as well as village health volunteers to start vaccinating priority as soon as possible. This is the duty that the government must take care of them. From now on, many more lots of the vaccine will enter Thailand. The government maintains that it is open to private to import the vaccine against COVID 19, but now is only to be used in a medical emergency. When COVID-19 is controlled, everything will return to normal as the Influenza in the past.”

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