Sukhothai Dance at Sala Chalermkrung Luang festival

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Bangkok, THailand  – April 20-22, 2022 : Visit Sala Chalermkrung Royal Palace for the “240th Anniversary of the Foundation of Rattanakosin” festival. The “Thai Arts” April 20-22, 2022   The Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with Sala Chalermkrung Luang, organized activities to celebrate the “240th Anniversary of the Foundation of Rattanakosin.” The “Thai Arts” series of arts and culture performances   open to Thai citizens on important anniversaries, remembering the Chakri Dynasty’s ruler of Thailand and to preserve, sustain, and distribute. With a series of “archaeological dances,” including the Tawaravadee dance, srivichai dance, lopburi dance, Chiang Saen dance, and Sukhothai dance, followed by a series of “four-part dances,” the unique Thai dance show showcases the prosperity of five civilizations before becoming Thailand today through dance moves, melodies, and exquisite costumes. End with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supachai Chansuwan’s outstanding performance “Hanuman Catches SuphanMacha” from the Khan show “Hanuman Catches Mrs. SuphanMacha” (National Artist). Free to watch! One of the events in the “Thai Art” series, one of the events for the  “240th Anniversary of the Foundation of Rattanakosin.”

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