The ceremony to ward off bad luck of “Rahu Om Chan” (Lunar eclipse)

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Bangkok, Thailand – May 26, 2021 : People in Chiang Mai Province, many age groups both the elderly. Working age groups and teenagers bring 8 black things to pay homage to the statue. Thao Surinthrahu at Wat Sao Hin , Nong Hoi Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province. Together vigorously to dispel bad things to become good according to the belief in Rahu because tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse or full moon Rahu. For those who bring black things to worship Rahu today Most of them are believed to be affected or unlucky according to the zodiac sign. This time there are two zodiac signs that are affected according to astrological beliefs, namely Taurus and Scorpio. To be careful about accidents and illnesses and it is believed that if worshiping Rahu will help the bad things become good or lighten. There is also an offering of turmeric, som poi, which is brought to the abbot to perform a holy bathing ceremony in front of the Rahu statue. to ward off bad luck from the body Throughout the day, people gradually pay homage to Rahu and take a holy bath.

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