The governor greeted the journalists and the general public.

Bangkok, Thailand – June 1, 2022 : Governor of Bangkok has arrived at Bangkok City Hall and worshiped the sanctity on the occasion of his inauguration as Governor of Bangkok and attended the handover ceremony. Permanent Secretary, Bangkok  The Bangkok executive team then announced the launch of the management team for all positions, which was exactly as stated earlier, with one of the deputy governors being Mr. Sanon Wangsang boon, 33, who will represent the new generation. Focusing on social development work, The Governor of Chuchchat has said that he can come here because of the people of Bangkok. The urgent matter immediately after taking office is that during this rainy season, you must prepare for flooding, hawker stalls. Green Line Tomorrow, prepare to call Bangkok Bank to discuss the contract. Reiterating transparency, the budget for 2022, which has news that there is less than 100 million baht left for them to work, is not worried. Need to go into detail again.

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