The patient sits on the patient trolley, anxiously waiting to vote.

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Bangkok, Thailand – May 14, 2023 : at District 7, Polling Unit 2 at the tent inside Dusit Fire and Rescue Station Thoeddamri Road, Khon Chaisri Road, Dusit District In the morning, there was an ICU patient. From Vichaiyut Hospital, carry oxygen cylinders to vote with the hospital’s medical team and relatives closely supervised. 

He said that even though he was physically ill, he wanted to do his duty by coming out to vote and did not want to lose his rights, so he informed the treating doctor that he wanted to vote, so he wanted to invite Thais to exercise their rights. Use the voice to elect representatives of the people to run the country.

The news team has received permission from the patient and the patient’s doctor to publish the image.

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