The Thai Red Cross National Blood Center needs 2,200 units of blood.

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Bangkok, Thailand – October 31, 2022:The atmosphere of blood donation at the National Blood Center, Thai Red Cross Society, on Halloween October 31, 2022, was fun with the ghost theme of tricking both the staff dressed in the ghost costumes of Mae Nak and Dracula, walking by to greet blood donors, or even nurses wearing hairbands, hats, symbols, Halloween festivals to match the “Halloween Escape the Ghosts for Blood” project, creating colors and increasing the amount of blood donation. Today (Oct. 31), you’ll get a fancy set of ghost-shaped doughnuts back to eat. In addition to being healthy from donating blood, and also satisfied by philanthropy by donating blood to help fellow human beings. The donated blood will be distributed to the rescue. Patients in various medical facilities each day at the National Blood Center of the Thai Red Cross need blood. 2,200 units, but an average of 500-600 units per day are donated.

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