Request Form for Collecting Personal Data

MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT) realizes the importance of personal data protection. Therefore, the Company prepares Request Form for Collecting Personal Data, in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 and in respect with data subject rights.

To preserve your rights and interest as personal data subject, please read the following details :

Purpose for Collecting Personal Data

  1. To present information, news, entertainment or any services, for such as; radio, TV, websites, applications, social media and future communication channels benefiting consumers
  2. To measure satisfaction of viewers, listeners, or service users, and use data to analyze and improve services to meet the needs of consumers
  3. To inform benefits, information, services, marketing activities and sales-promotion campaigns to consumers through communication channels such as TV, radio, post, SMS, electronic approaches or other channels specified by the Company
  4. To perform normal operations of the Company including legal contract signing, purchasing, recruiting, security operations, or coordinating with other parties
  5. To pursue objectives of Company’s operations as registered with Department of Business Development, the Ministry of Commerce, for such as; mass media communication, telecommunication, electronic commerce operations, training institute, property business or securities trading
  6. To conduct transactions of products or services (by either MCOT or business partners) through MCOT’s communication channels
  7. To deliver products or services of MCOT or business partners according to transactions made with MCOT or business partners
  8. To collect personal data collection without having to request consents from owners of personal data, in compliance with Article 24, Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562
  9. Others (Please identify)                                                                                                    

Data Collected and Period of Collection

MCOT will collect personal data upon receiving consent from an owner. Data can be categorized as follows:

  1. Data identifying individuals, such as name-surname, ID number, passport number, tax ID number, date of birth, marital status or military status
  2. Contact data, such as address, telephone number or e-mails
  3. Personal data of minors and incompetent persons. MCOT will request consent from parents, curators, or guardians, on a case-by-case basis, prior to collecting, using or disclosing such data.
  4. Data regarding operations such as wage, salary and welfare payment and footage from CCTV for security reason
  5. Electronic data such as IP address, cookies or data for signing up for applications
  6. Financial data such as credit card, account number, any data regarding electronic payment in case that an owner of personal data makes a transaction or legal agreement with MCOT, and transactions made by subsidiaries and business partners of MCOT
  7. Sensitive data, for such as;
    1. Biological data: fingerprints, face recognition used for work record
    1. Sensitive data as shown in documents: gender, religion, nationality or ethnicity
    1. Data regarding health, treatment of disability of employees
    1. Data of labor union
  8. Others (Please specify)                                                                                                    

MCOT will maintain confidentiality of personal data for a necessary period of time to pursue the set objectives or for a period of time needed to comply with laws or limitation period or for other reasons in accordance with the Company’s policies and regulations.

Personal Data Disclosure
MCOT may disclose your personal data to personal data processors or other parties, under Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, as follows: Subsidiaries, business partners, Directors, executives, employees, agencies or consultantsGovernmental organizations, supervising agents or other agencies including officers such as police, attorney, court officialsAgents, contractors, sub-contractors or service providers, for such as; research service providers, technology developers, auditors or law firmsAssigneesSocial platform providers or advertising companies to advertise the Company’s services
Data Subject Rights
MCOT respects your data subject rights in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562. You can exercise the following rights under this Act: Rights to withdraw consent to collect, use and disclose personal dataRights to request access to and copy of personal dataRights to transfer personal dataRights to object collection, use and disclosure of personal dataRights to request personal data controllers to delete and destroy personal data or make owner of personal data unidentifiedRights to suspend use of personal dataRights to request correction of personal dataRights to file complaints
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I, as the owner of personal data, have read and understood details of personal data collection of MCOT. I hereby grant a consent to collect, evaluate, use and disclose my personal data to MCOT.

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