Reacts after picking a red ballot card.

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Bangkok, Thailand – April 1 ,2021 : This year the conscription in Thailand consider using a suitable place that is airy, open and well ventilated. Do not use the place that is air-conditioned room. In addition, measures to strictly control, screen and prevent the spread of the epidemic are set.

Under the Military Service Act, all Thai men who reach the age of 21 are required to register for the military draft. Those who do not volunteer must take part in a draw. Thailand is one of 26 countries around the world where military service is compulsory, and all Thai males must report back to their home district in April of the year. The selection process for the part of the quota which is not filled by volunteers is where the drama starts. The young Thai men get to choose a rolled up card in an opaque box. If they choose the black card then they are relieved of the duty to undertake military service. If they choose the red card then they must undertake the military assignment stated on the card.

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