Protest groups moving to negotiate with the police at Nang Loeng junction.

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Bangkok, Thailand – June 24,2021 : Protest groups  led by Mr. Nitithorn Lumlue, moving to Nang Loeng junction before the  commercial junction In front of Ratchawinit School by moving with car amplifier Coming from the intersection of Uruphong by Protection and Crowds Control Division has set the extraction row with a longitudinal steel panel blocking off Phitsanulok Road on both sides both inbound and outbound. On arrival, Mr. Nitithorn have negotiated with the police to request to allow the way to walk to the foot of the Chamai Maruchet Bridge in front of the Government House At the same time, the protesters have urged all protesters to keep their distance and wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. strictly as well . This is an advance arrival before the People’s Unity for Thailand group or the Thai Man Thon group.Led by Mr. Jatuporn Promphan, UDD president,will walk from Phan Fa Lilat Bridge. As announced that it will set up a rally stage at the foot of the Chamai Maruchet Bridge In the evening of the same day.

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